About me

Hi! I am Genc!

I am currently working as reseach engineer at the University of Rennes 1 in France. I am involved in the HARNESS european project. This project aims at providing a highly heterogeneous cloud which is able to suggest the most appropriate set of resources for a custom application which would comply with the SLO constraints provided by the user. My main activity in the project is focused on the PaaS layer, represented by ConPaaS.

In addition to the development of ConPaaS in the context of the HARNESS project, I am also involved in the development of ConPaaS as a stand-alone open-source project.

Even thought I come from a “Web technologies” background, I have developed a special interest for cloud computing, more specifically, I am interested in decentralized, edge and mobile clouds.
Other fields of interest include: IOT, Big Data and HPC.

For more information regarding my current activity please consult my Linkedin and Github profiles. Or contact me at
genc.tato [at] inria.fr